Brown Drops Some Varsity Teams

A few weeks back, Brown University announced the elimination of some of its varsity sports. The Providence, Rhode Island-based university boasts the third most varsity sports of any university in America. Yet Brown’s varsity teams are not exactly known for winning Ivy League championships. And so university administrators felt that … 

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Student-Athletes at Brown

A piece in “The Brown Daily Herald,” the newspaper of Brown University, focuses on the percentage of recruited student-athletes who end up quitting their respective teams during the course of their collegiate careers. The piece, written by Ben Shumate, notes that approximately 30% of recruited Brown student-athletes end up not continuing … 

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Brown Athletic Teams

Brown athletic teams including fencing, women’s skiing, and wrestling have been officially reinstated for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Brown University Athletics

A few days ago, we posted about the Brown University administration’s decision to eliminate the fencing, wrestling, and women’s ski teams. We told the story of how the Dartmouth men’s and women’s swimming and diving program was cut back in 2002 and how an entire college came to its rescue. … 

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Ivy League Athletic Recruits

For those current Brown University fencers, wrestlers, and women’s skiers (as well as prospective applicants to the university who want to compete in those sports and other Ivy League athletic recruits / current student athletes), we’d like to remind you of a little story in the hope that it will … 

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Brown University Athletic Recruitment

Fencers, wrestlers, and women’s skiers interested in applying to Brown University, you may want to think twice in choosing your first choice college. For these sports, Brown University athletic recruitment is coming to a halt due to budget cuts (which with athletic teams typically centers on Title IX). The teams … 

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