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February 7, 2016

Asian American Life

Ivy Coach was featured in a TV segment last night on the discrimination that Asian Americans face in highly selective college admissions.

Ivy Coach appeared on CUNY TV on Friday night in the series “Asian American Life.” The segment, one in which we’re featured quite a bit, focused on how Asian American applicants face discrimination in the highly selective college admissions process. We know — shocker. It’s not as though we’ve never discussed the discrimination that Asian American applicants face before on our blog or in the press. Bev published a piece last year in “The Huffington Post” entitled “Asian Americans Deserve Better.” And they sure do.

Asian American applicants face discrimination in college admissions, whether admissions officers admit it or not.

Within this segment, Brian of our firm speaks of how it’s difficult for admissions officer to gauge one great violinist from the next, how it’s not like comparing a 100 backstroker. A :55 100 backstroker is faster than a :58 100 backstroker. There are no such times for violinists, first chair or second. He also speaks about how so many Asian American applicants choose to apply to the same schools and how it would be to their competitive advantage to consider spreading out a bit more — to apply to schools that so many Asian American applicants aren’t applying to. It’s not as though there are a dearth of Asian American applicants at any highly selective college in America but there are indeed schools that don’t secure as many Asian American students. We know our readers would like to know these schools but that is part of our paid service. After all, Ivy Coach is a business.

Have a question about this segment on “Asian American Life” in which Ivy Coach is featured? Have a question about the discrimination that Asian American applicants face in college admissions? Disagree with us big time? We’re curious to hear from you so do post a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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