Applications to Harvard Class of 2024

In total, 40,246 students applied for admission to Harvard University’s Class of 2024 through either Early Action or Regular Decision. This figure stood at 43,330 for the Class of 2023, 42,749 for the Class of 2022, and 39,506 for the Class of 2021. It wasn’t until two years ago when … 

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The Arrogance of Some Harvard Applicants

Regular readers of our college admissions blog know all too well that if there’s any one thing that can torpedo an applicant’s chances of admission, it’s arrogance. Maybe it’s a subtle brag in a line within the Personal Statement. Maybe it’s a boast of how much money a student raised … 

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Applying to Harvard

Students applying to Harvard this coming year and in subsequent years might be frightened by a piece up on “Business Insider” by Abby Jackson entitled “Nearly 40,000 people applied to Harvard this year — experts say it’s harder than ever to get into elite schools.” But these students shouldn’t be … 

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Applications to Harvard

It’s fairly standard in highly selective college admissions to read that applications at a given university reached an all-time high and that it’s “more competitive than ever.” As regular readers of our college admissions blog, you know well by now that more applications does not necessarily mean that the pool … 

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Applicants to Harvard

If students get admitted to Harvard through Early Action, they go to Harvard. That’s all there is to it.