Early Decision Commitments

The National Association for College Admission Counseling, an organization which we belong to, recently announced some changes that will alter the way some universities choose to do business. The changes by NACAC come in response to a Department of Justice probe, one we’ve reported on extensively, in which the organization … 

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Apply Early to College

When you apply Early to college, you improve your odds of gaining admission. It’s that simple. If anyone tells you that you’ve got the same odds whether you apply through an Early Action or Early Decision program or through a Regular Decision program, then close your ears and start humming … 

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Applying Early Decision to College

Applying Early Decision to college is often a great idea. Students who apply through Early Decision (or Early Action depending on the university) stand better odds than do students who apply through Regular Decision. It’s that simple. If you want further evidence, check out our Ivy League Statistics and see the … 

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Applying Early to College

The Early Decision and Early Action applicant pool is getting more diverse at prestigious universities.

What’s Your Rush?

It’s early in September — well before college application deadlines — and George Washington University has already received over 3,000 undergraduate applications. While we were surprised about this information when The GW Hatchet reporter, Becky Reeves, first contacted us about this story, it was only later that we found out … 

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