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March 12, 2020

Applications to Harvard Class of 2024

Applications to Harvard University are down this year, though the school still reached the 40,000 application benchmark.

In total, 40,246 students applied for admission to Harvard University’s Class of 2024 through either Early Action or Regular Decision. This figure stood at 43,330 for the Class of 2023, 42,749 for the Class of 2022, and 39,506 for the Class of 2021. It wasn’t until two years ago when Harvard broke the 40,000 application benchmark and so while applications are down at Harvard this year — as they are at many highly selective colleges — it’s not exactly cause for alarm at the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based institution. No, Harvard isn’t sweating it. So who exactly applied to Harvard’s Class of 2024?

Breakdown of Harvard Applicants to the Class of 2024

As Benjamin L. Fu and Dohyun Kim report for The Crimson in a piece entitled “40,246 Apply to the Class of 2024 As College Announces New Financial Aid Initiative,” “Female applicants slightly outnumbered their male counterparts, comprising 50.2 percent of the applicant pool. The share of applicants interested in studying Computer Science increased slightly, as did the number of students who indicated an interest in the physical sciences. Biological and social sciences remained the two most popular prospective fields of study for applicants.”

Hoping to join the 895 students who earned admission to Harvard’s Class of 2024 this past Early Action cycle out of a pool of 6,424 EA applicants? If so, the Regular Decision wait is almost over. But do stop watching that pot because you know what they say about watched pots. They never boil.

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