UPS Loses AP Exams

Just where is that box full of AP exams? If you’re one of the over 100 students who took an AP exam this past spring that was lost in transit to the headquarters of The College Board, aim your arrows at the United Parcel Service. And know that New York’s … 

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A Call for The College Board to Change Its AP Testing Policy

Back in January, The College Board announced the elimination of the SAT Subject Tests. The SAT Subject Tests had long been one of The College Board’s major lines of business but the organization, facing the toughest year it has faced in its history, saw the writing on the wall. With … 

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2021 AP Exams

The 2021 Advanced Placement exams will be offered over three different administrations. The change, as recently announced by College Board, is of course due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The dates for Administration 1, in which the tests are administered at schools, are as follows: May 3 – 7, May … 

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An Absurd Piece on AP Exams

A key objective of Ivy Coach’s college admissions blog is to debunk misconceptions about the highly selective college admissions process. You see, the admissions process to our nation’s elite universities is stressful enough. Parents and students don’t need admissions officers, school counselors, private college counselors, and the local handyman spreading … 

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More on This Year’s AP Exams

As we reported a few weeks ago, in spite of the pandemic that has shut down schools across the land, AP exams are on for this May. Hey, did you really think College Board — ever cognizant of its bottom line — wouldn’t figure out a way to keep their … 

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An Overview of AP Exams

Has the Advanced Placement curriculum historically favored the affluent? Yes. The AP curriculum consists of a total of 39 courses, although high schools tend to offer only some of these courses. For many years, the AP curriculum was the curriculum of choice at high schools in predominantly affluent neighborhoods. But, … 

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AP Score Results

When are AP score results for the May 2017 AP exams being released? Between July 5th and July 9th, 2017 — depending upon where you live. College Board, the maker of the AP exams, has released a schedule of when students will be receiving their AP scores. That rollout schedule … 

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AP Tests

Our Founder, Bev Taylor, wrote a controversial “Huffington Piece” article a couple of months ago about how AP tests are a bit of a scam. She told the story of how her son, who had already been admitted to the Ivy League school of his dreams, chose to doodle on his … 

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AP Courses

Two new AP courses will be piloted this fall. The courses are designed so that students learn valuable research skills.

AP Courses in Illinois

There are statewide disparities in AP course offerings. But, if your school doesn’t offer the courses you want, there’s something you can do about it!