An Absurd Piece on AP Exams

A key objective of Ivy Coach’s college admissions blog is to debunk misconceptions about the highly selective college admissions process. You see, the admissions process to our nation’s elite universities is stressful enough. Parents and students don’t need admissions officers, school counselors, private college counselors, and the local handyman spreading … 

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An Overview of AP Exams

Has the Advanced Placement curriculum historically favored the affluent? Yes. The AP curriculum consists of a total of 39 courses, although high schools tend to offer only some of these courses. For many years, the AP curriculum was the curriculum of choice at high schools in predominantly affluent neighborhoods. But, … 

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Unnecessary AP Testing

A little while ago, we posted a blog about a flaw of AP testing and our founder, Bev Taylor, followed that up with a separate piece in “The Huffington Post” calling out for change to an absurd AP policy. We’ve received a ton of emails and posts since — some of … 

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AP Course Limit and Colleges

Just because your high school only offers a few AP courses, that doesn’t mean you can’t sit for additional AP exams!