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December 9, 2011

Admissions Decisions

As you receive your Early Decision or Early Action admission decisions, don’t forget to say thank you as you had help along the way.  If you happened to have been deferred or rejected, remember to also say thank you. Your teachers, your guidance counselor, your parents, and your independent college counselor contributed to your candidacy and they worked on your behalf to help you — whether or not you got accepted. In our experience as an independent college counselor – and keep in mind that in the last twenty years, 93% of our students have gained admission to their top college choice and 100% have gained admission to one of their top three college choices – few students say “thank you.”

As an independent college counselor we’re in the business of helping students achieve their dreams but, at the end of the day, we still like to hear a thank you.  When you see a doctor, you say “thank you” to the doctor after the visit.  Sure, you pay the doctor a co-pay but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also say “thank you.” It’s the right thing to do. Check out this post on College Admissions Decisions.

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