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March 28, 2013


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We highly recommend you go see the movie “Admission.” It’s a fun movie that also happens to be set in the competitive world of highly selective college admissions.

But Fey’s perfect little life in which she reviews student applications by day (in orange folders — when really it’s electronic now) and cuddles with her English professor boyfriend by night takes a turn when he dumps her for another woman and Fey is told by a high school educator (Rudd’s character) that a student of his is her biological son who she gave up for adoption years ago. We’re not going to spoil what happens in the movie for you, but there were some great college admissions moments in the film. We loved how Tina Fey’s character instructs Rudd’s character how to help his student (and her son) stand out from the pack of Princeton applicants. We also loved how, through a really fun device, the applicants stood silently before the admissions officers as they debated on their candidacy. And then they’d fall through the floor when they were denied admission! Hilarious.

We hope you have the chance to check out “Admission” as it’s not only entertaining but it does give you SOMEWHAT of a realistic view of highly selective college admissions. But keep in mind that there is a whole lot in that movie that doesn’t portray the highly selective college admissions process accurately. And yet there are some realistic moments scattered in there, too. At the end of the day, it’s a movie and one we liked.

Meanwhile, there’s another college admission movie in development in Hollywood. Do you think it’ll get greenlit? We hope so!

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