Princeton Transfer Admissions

It hasn’t happened since 1990. For more than 25 years, not a single student has earned admission as a transfer to Princeton University. That’s because Princeton has had a no-transfer policy. But times are changing for this Ivy League college. Beginning in 2018, Princeton will finally put a plan in … 

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Princeton Class of 2019 Admissions

The admission statistics for the Princeton Class of 2019 are in. In all, the university offered slots to 1,908 students of the 27,290 that applied to the university. 767 of these 1,908 students were previously offered admission in the Single-Choice Early Action round. The admission rate thus stood t 6.99%, … 

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Princeton Eating Clubs

Watch a video about the Princeton University Eating Clubs. Do they strike you as elitist or merely social?

Admission to Princeton

Athletes need to differentiate themselves from other athletes. And, yes, while controversial, Asian-Americans from other Asian-Americans.

Princeton University Admission

Admission to Princeton is the most highly competitive among East Coast universities, according to a data analysis.