Getting Into the Ivy League

Our founder, Bev Taylor, recently wrote an article published by “The Huffington Post” about how getting into the Ivy League isn’t random. In fact, getting into the Ivy League is more of a science than anything else. It frustrates us to no end when we hear students and parents lament … 

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Ivy League Admissions Counselors

Establishing a personal connection with regional Ivy League admissions counselors can truly boost one’s chances for admission.

Ivy League Connections

The Ivy Club at Princeton, the university’s oldest eating club, was featured in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “This Side of Paradise.”

Admission to Ivy League

A former Yale University professor, Bill Deresiewicz, told Stanford students that they, like their Ivy League counterparts, are “hoop-jumping, teacher-pleasing sheep.” According to the Stanford Daily’s take on Deresiewicz, “Elite university education is deficient because admission criteria are more than 100 years old; what admission offices look for in an … 

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