The King of Duke Will Retire

We always knew that this day would come. After the longest tenure in history, a new leader will rise and usher his people into a new era. No, we’re not talking about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was essentially ousted today from power after leading the nation of Israel … 

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Regular Decision Applications to Duke’s Class of 2023

Total applications to Duke University surged this year by about 4,000 students. Between Early Decision and Regular Decision, Duke received 41,500 applications to its Class of 2023. This figure compares to 37,302 applications to its Class of 2022. As our readers may remember, 4,852 students applied to the Duke Class … 

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Duke Admissions Tells It Like It Is

Some admissions officers tell it like it is. And some tell it like it isn’t. Most, in our experience, fall into the latter category and so we always make a point on our college admissions blog of pointing out the folks who speak the truth about the admissions process even … 

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Admission to Duke University

Scandals rarely diminish the number of applications a college receives. Duke University is the perfect case study.

Duke University Admission

The yield at Duke University went up a bit for the Class of 2015 as compared to the previous year.