Students Sue ACT

ACT, Inc. is in some hot water, defending itself in a lawsuit brought by test-takers (and in some cases, their parents) in which the organization is accused of selling information as it pertains to the students’ disability statuses to colleges. You see, when test-takers sign up for the ACT, they … 

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ACT in Asia

The ACT is America’s “most popular college entrance exam.” It’s a moniker the ACT loves to tout since there’s a common misconception out there that more students take the SAT as compared to the ACT. It’s simply not true anymore. Times have changed and College Board’s SAT has found itself … 

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ACT Testing

Are you a student trying to decide between ACT testing and SAT testing? If you are, here are the Top 10 Reasons To Take the ACT. We’ll be following this post up with a Top 10 Reasons to Take the SAT. And, remember, Ivy Coach offers fantastic tutoring for the … 

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ACT Exam

Certain sections of the ACT exam may be better predictors of academic success in college than others.