ACT Testing Registration Deadlines

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The deadline for registering for the September ACT is fast approaching. It’s August 4th.

What are the upcoming ACT testing registration deadlines for 2017-2018, you ask? If you intend to take the ACT this year, you may have woken up with this pressing question on your mind. Ok, maybe not. But we figured we’d let you know these ACT testing registration deadlines anyway. Read more >

June SAT Deadline

SAT Deadline, SAT June Deadline, ACT June Deadline

The registration deadlines for the June SAT and ACT are fast approaching.

For those students intending on taking the upcoming SAT, the June SAT deadline is fast approaching. And for those students planning on taking the June ACT, that deadline is also fast approaching as both the SAT and ACT registration cutoffs are on May 10th. Read more >

ACT and SAT Prep

SAT Prep, ACT Prep, SAT or ACT Prep

Learn about what companies like Kaplan and Princeton Review don’t tell you should you choose to go to them for ACT and SAT prep (bad idea).

There is an article in “Smart Money” today that discusses ten things SAT prep companies such as Kaplan and Princeton Review don’t tell you. While we at Ivy Coach agree with some points raised in the article and disagree with others, it is important to note that Kaplan and Princeton Review are not the only SAT and ACT test prep in town. Read more >

College Admissions Flaws

College Admission Flaws, University Admissions Flaws, Ivy League Admissions Flaws

The highly selective college admissions process might be flawed but it is not similar to the lottery.

There is an opinion piece on “The Huffington Post” by John M. Eger in which Mr. Eger criticizes the college admissions process. In fact, Mr. Eger compares the college admissions rat race to the lottery when he writes, “Is who gets admitted to one of America’s coveted universities each year mostly a numbers process that is badly flawed? Read more >