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May 4, 2022

2022 US News High School Rankings

TJ tops this year’s US News & World Report high school ranking.

US News & World Report, the kingpin of all college rankings, has released their “2022 Best High Schools in America” list. And which school tops the charts? Hint, hint: it’s been a hotbed for Ivy Coach’s students through the years. Yes, it’s the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. After one of our students made the press some years ago for earning admission to each of the eight Ivy League schools in addition to Stanford University before ultimately deciding to enroll at Harvard University, well, our success in helping students earn admission to their dream schools spread like wildfire around northern Virginia. So, yes, it’s TJ, a magnet school that has drawn headlines this past year for its admissions process, that is ranked by US News as the top public high school in America.

And which public schools, which include magnet public schools, follow TJ in the US News rankings? Academic Magnet High School in North Charleston, South Carolina comes in second. Then comes Signature School in Evansville, Indiana followed by School for Advanced Studies in Miami, Florida, Payton College Preparatory High School in Chicago, Illinois, The Davidson Academy of Nevada in Reno, Nevada, Central Magnet School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, The School of the Talented and Gifted in Dallas, Texas, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology in Lawrenceville, Georgia, and Julia R. Masterman Secondary School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Congratulations to TJ on placing first in the 2022 US News & World Report high school rankings! If only student happiness was a factor in US News’ high school ranking system because, then, we can assure you that TJ would slip — rather significantly — in the rankings. But that’s a topic for another day on Ivy Coach’s college admissions blog. Do stay tuned.

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