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August 20, 2021

UPS Compensates Students for Lost AP Exams

UPS has been around a long time. Maybe that’s why the company seems to have handled this lost AP exam fiasco quite well — from a PR standpoint.

A little less than a month ago, we shared news that the United Parcel Service lost the AP exams of over 100 students from Starpoint High School. The completed exams were misplaced in transit to The College Board’s headquarters. This fiasco, of course, was very frustrating to the students who prepared for these exams as well as their teachers and parents and we were delighted to see that New York’s Senator Chuck Schumer, always a ham for the camera, took up their cause, demanding accountability from UPS. At the time, we didn’t think UPS would reimburse them for the value of the tests in college credit, as they so demanded. And, as it turns out, they have not reimbursed these students in the cost of college credit. However, their collective action has led UPS to offer some reimbursement.

As Thomas J. Prohaska reports for The Buffalo News in a piece entitled “Starpoint students to receive $440 each for AP exam hassle,” “All 106 Starpoint High School students whose Advanced Placement exam papers were lost for three months will receive $440 to compensate them for the trouble. The word came from Sen. Charles E. Schumer’s office Friday. The money will come from United Parcel Service. Schumer announced that all 106 students will be compensated by UPS with $95 to refund their original fee, another $95 for a retest and an additional $250, which UPS has dubbed a scholarship. ’I’m excited to announce that UPS saw the struggles faced by the students and has agreed to do right by them, giving each $440 – including a $250 scholarship – for their troubles,’ Schumer said in a statement Friday. ’It’s kind of a nice little cherry on top,’ Starpoint Superintendent Sean M. Croft said.”

We salute our Senator Majority Leader along with the students of Starpoint High School who lifted their voices to demand action and accountability. While it’s unfortunate their tests were lost and they’ll have to study the material all over again if they wish to retake the AP exams, they at least got a little dose of justice from the shipping magnate. Well done, Starpoint students. Well done!

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