The Ridiculous SAT Adversity Score

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Ivy Coach appears on Business Insider Today to discuss the SAT Adversity Score.

As we’ve previously reported, The College Board, the maker of the SAT, unveiled a new “Adversity Score” that will essentially contextualize a student’s SAT score based on the socioeconomic adversity the organization feels the student has faced growing up. While College Board makes it seem like they’re doing students a whole lot of good by adding this score onto their reports (although students and parents won’t be privy to this score — only admissions officials), it’s nothing short of an outrageous and self-serving gimmick. We suspect it was created not to foster equality for all but rather to try to increase marketshare over its rival ACT, an organization that happens to currently control marketshare.

Who Does College Board Think It Is?

Who does College Board think it is to assign a number to represent the adversity that student has faced growing up? Does College Board know if mom comes home, hits the liquor cabinet, and physically abuses her child? No. Does College Board know if a student happens to be on a full scholarship to a fancy boarding school from inner-city Baltimore when it computes the school’s adversity score that is incorporated into the total score? No. Does College Board know if a student grapples with a learning disability like dyslexia? Well, they may know but it would be a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act for them to incorporate this information into any score reported to colleges.

The SAT Adversity Score is An Affront to All SAT Test-Takers

This so-called “Adversity Score” is an affront to every student who takes the SAT. Heck, the organization isn’t even releasing their algorithm that will compute the score or the research that went into formulating their algorithm. Worse yet, one of the factors that influences a student’s school score within the index is the number of AP exams offered at a given high school. It’s The College Board that is the maker of AP exams; that’s like conducting a double-blind study in which the conductor is also the participant. On both sides. The chutzpah!

Anyway, if you haven’t had enough with this “Adversity Score” already, watch us on Business Insider Today bash it to smithereens. The video starts at the 6:14 mark.


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