Standardized Test Cheating in Thailand

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“CBS News” has an interesting report on standardized test cheating in Thailand — with James Bond-style eyewear!

Look out Long Island’s Great Neck North High School. Yours is not the only epicenter of cheating on standardized testing. Students in Thailand were recently caught cheating on admissions exams for medical and dental schools and they didn’t exactly use crib sheets. Rather, they used James Bond-style glasses that took snapshots of the exams. The snapshots were then supposed to be transmitted to students taking the exams. But officials didn’t turn a blind eye to such cheating. The James Bond-style spies were blindsided when they got caught red-handed. Ok, enough with the puns!

As reported by “CBS News,” “Three agents posing as students photographed the question sheets with tiny cameras embedded in their eye-glasses. They left the room after the mandatory 45 minute lock-in period and transferred the pictures to a laptop manned by another person. That person transmitted the images to one or more private tutorial institutes where the three students were enrolled. Exam answers were then electronically transmitted to the smartwatches worn by the women, still in the examination room. Test supervisors were alerted after the first watch was seized during the Saturday morning session, the second was found on the same day in the afternoon session. The third watch and two glasses were seized Sunday.”

What kinds of measures do you think organizations like College Board and ACT should implement to try to stymie such attempts at cheating? We’re curious to hear from our readers so be sure to post a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.


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