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Starting next year, Tufts University will not require applicants to submit SAT Subject Test scores (photo credit: Jellymuffin40).

Count Tufts University among the list of schools that will no longer require SAT Subject Tests of applicants. Beginning with the Tufts University Class of 2023, Tufts won’t require SAT Subject Tests, the SAT essay, or the writing portion of the ACT. Tufts previously was a member of a small list of colleges that required students to submit SAT Subject Test scores unless they submitted an ACT score. Going forward, the university will continue to require that students submit either an SAT or ACT result but the SAT Subject Test requirement, well, as Bob Dylan would sing it, “The times they are a-changin’.” As Tufts notes to next year’s batch of applicants and beyond on its admissions site, “You may submit those scores to Tufts if you choose to sit for these sections, but please note that they are not required and sending them will not increase a student’s likelihood of admission.”

SAT Subject Test Requirements at Tufts

Regular readers of our college admissions blog know that a college’s admissions requirements should be taken with a grain of salt and a touch of pepper, too. After all, these are highly selective colleges. That which a college requires and that which a school wishes to see in an applicant’s profile can be two entirely different things. But, Ivy Coach, Tufts explicitly writes of these scores on its admissions website, “Please note that they are not required and sending them will not increase a student’s likelihood of admission.” What you’re saying contradicts Tufts’ own language. You bet it does.

You see, colleges often don’t tell it like it is. And Tufts isn’t alone in this regard. Most highly selective colleges don’t tell it like it is. Why? They want to increase applications to boost their all-important “US News & World Report” ranking. Requiring less testing will inspire more applicants to apply — particularly those who either don’t have SAT Subject Test scores or don’t have strong SAT Subject Test scores. But that doesn’t mean Tufts admissions officers don’t want to see students with great SAT Subject Test scores. You don’t think the student with 3 800’s on SAT Subject Tests has an advantage over a student who doesn’t submit SAT Subject Tests? If so, you’re fooling yourself big time.

Colleges That Don’t Require SAT Subject Tests

While many colleges still recommend applicants take Subject Tests, there are actually only eight colleges in the United States that now require SAT Subject Tests for either specific programs or for all applicants. This list of schools, compiled by Cigus Vanni, is as follows:

Schools Requiring SAT Subject Tests

California Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Harvey Mudd College
Webb Institute

Schools Requiring SAT Subject Tests from All Applicants Except if the Student Cannot Afford The Tests or if the Student Feels He or She Can Be Fairly Evaluated Without Them

Harvard/Radcliffe Colleges

Schools Requiring SAT Subject Tests from Some Applicants, Irrespective of What Additional Standardized Testing is Submitted

Cornell University – required for applicants to the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering

Northwestern University – three required only for students applying to Integrated Science and Engineering Program—only one in US that requires three; may also consider AP, IB or college courses to fulfill requirement

Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art – required for prospective engineering majors only


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