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An SAT scandal is brewing in Great Neck, New York (photo credit: Mrecupero).

“The New York Post” is reporting that an SAT scandal is brewing in Great Neck, New York (the setting of “The Great Gatsby”). Allegedly, a few students hired a student at a top midwestern university to take their exams for them. While the principal and superintendent declined to comment, one school board member was quoted as saying: “Cheating on your SAT sort of undermines the entire process of high school and college admission,….It’s serious.” “Sort of”? You think?

Biometric indicators are not currently used to verify one’s identity when taking the SAT, but they are used to identify test-takers for graduate-level entrance examinations such as the GMAT and MCAT. It’s only a matter of time until biometrics will be used for the SAT’s.

In the Great Neck North High School case, several students are currently being investigated, including two brothers. One of the brothers is currently in college but if indeed he cheated on the SAT, there is a strong possibility that he could get expelled. Applicants who cheat or lie on their college application risk not only getting rejected but if they’re accepted and have matriculated, they risk expulsion. If they’ve received their degree, it can be rescinded. That’s four years of hard work and tuition dollars lost, not to mention having to explain all this on a job interview.

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