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The College Board may say the history before 1450 is important history to study but their actions don’t back it up (photo credit: Martin23230).

For the last 16 years, the College Board’s AP World History curriculum has covered over 10,000 years of our shared human history. Bur recently, the College Board announced that much of this human history would no longer be part of the curriculum, that the curriculum would be changed to begin in the year 1450. This decision has sparked outrage among many students, educators, and others who believe — like us — that the thousands of years before the year 1450 inform our shared human history, that to learn our story without learning the beginning of the story is just plain bad storytelling. As a Change.org petition delineates, eliminating these thousands of years of human history would eliminate the teaching of the neolithic / agricultural revolution, the creation of the first civilizations, the migration of humans across earth, the development of world religions, the development of classical empires, the beginning of trade, post-classical empires, and the history of pre-colonial Americas and Africa. Let’s repeat that last one to drive our point home. In fact, let’s put it in a symbolic purple to make it stand out — the change to the AP World History curriculum would eliminate the study of pre-colonial Americas and Africa!

Ivy Coach Salutes AP World History Teacher Ms. Amanda DoAmaral

In short, the proposed changes to the AP World History curriculum would make the curriculum super European-centric. It would eliminate the history of so many people of color. As but one example, African history didn’t begin with slavery. No, no it didn’t. But let’s let one passionate, eloquent, and respectful teacher make the argument for us — as boy does she nail it. The College Board, the maker of the AP curriculum, hosted a forum. At the forum, an AP World History teacher, Ms. Amanda DoAmaral, challenged the head of College Board’s AP curriculum, Mr. Trevor Packer. We’ve included video footage of that exchange below.

Mr. Packer of College Board was no match for this passionate teacher. His responses were inadequate and an utter embarrassment to an organization that has suffered much embarrassment this year. Perhaps Mr. Packer should create a course called AP Public Relations. And then he should take it because the man, well, he got schooled. When Mr. Packer snarked that Ms. DoAmaral could still teach the curriculum even if it wasn’t going to be tested, Ms. DoAmaral, who has become the face of the movement to not eliminate this important history, gave the man a wakeup call. If the curriculum isn’t going to be tested, teachers aren’t going to teach it. That’s how the world works. It was very much: Bye, Felicia!

At a recent forum, an AP World History teacher, Ms. Amanda DoAmaral, schooled the head of College Board’s AP curriculum, Mr. Trevor Packer. For Mr. Packer, it wasn’t a good look. Mr. Packer told Ms. DoAmaral, “How dare you.” We say, “How dare you, Mr. Packer.”

From atop our soapbox in college admissions, Ivy Coach salutes educator Amanda DoAmaral. We stand with her and all of the teachers and students who believe that the thousands of years of human history that preceded the year 1450 informs our shared subsequent human history, including our present and our future. May the voices of all of these educators and students be heard. May this important history be preserved for generations of students to come and may all students learn from such passionate and eloquent teachers as Ms. Amanda “They Don’t Have the Money for Pencils, Dude” DoAmaral.


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