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There are some college admissions counseling firms that offer services to children as young as pre-schoolers. We’re not one of them. But we do receive a number of calls from parents looking to help their children prepare for the ERB. Getting into kindergarten in New York City, after all, isn’t just about buying a trapper-keeper and a new set of magic markers. It’s about mastering the skills necessary to ace the ERB. And we know just the pro to help your child ace this test – Stephanie Sigal, M.A. CCC-SLP.

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Stephanie Sigal helps students prepare for the ERB test.

Here is a sampling of some details on preparing for the ERB from Stephanie’s website: “As a speech-language therapist, Stephanie works with your child at his present ability in kindergarten prep and pushes him to where he still experiences success, but is building new skills. All of the play and work in kindergarten prep begins with building attention as it is a requirement for success in all tasks. Once your child is attending, can he follow the game directions? If following directions in a kindergarten game is too difficult, we may need to practice in a more active game like Simon Says and slowly change the goals to follow more complex commands and settings.”

“Does your child always understand stories that are read aloud? Stephanie helps children to understand storylines in fun and meaningful ways. During games, we may work on defining vocabulary words that your child knows, or we may learn new words. Stephanie uses carefully chosen picture books, kindergarten games, and conversation to expose your child to new words. These tasks and experiences help encourage general knowledge that can benefit a child on the kindergarten admission test and as well as in kindergarten.”

So check out Stephanie’s service offerings as you seek to help your child prepare for the ERB test.


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