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Beginning in 2015, there will be a sociology as well as a psychology section on the new MCAT exam.

There will be a new MCAT exam that will feature sections on psychology and sociology. These changes will be implemented in 2015…so if you’re applying to medical school now, don’t think twice about them. In order to make room for these sections, a writing section will be removed from the test. This is all in an effort by the Association of American Medical Colleges to help make the medical school admissions process more holistic.

Remember when we wrote about how med schools were incorporating essentially speed-dating into the admissions process to gauge the social skills of applicants? This new MCAT exam seems to be to the same aim. But this means that med school applicants are now going to have to take psychology and sociology courses or at least learn the basic tenets of these disciplines. So it seems applying to medical school is getting tougher. It’s not like you have to learn the basic tenets of writing in order to complete a writing section. There are tricks you can pick up, yes. But, at the end of the day, writing is a practice that many applicants hone (or continue to do poorly) throughout their education.

Do you think these additional sections will deter aspiring doctors from applying to medical school? Do you think including these sections will help our country make better doctors more in touch with their patients? Let us know your thoughts on the new MCAT exam by posting below!


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