March SAT Canceled in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco

March SAT, Saudi Arabia SAT, Egypt SAT
The March SAT in Saudi Arabia has been canceled.

The March administration of the SAT in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco has been canceled. And why? For security purposes. Apparently, ETS, the administrator of College Board’s SAT, received a tip that an advance copy of the exam was available for purchase in the Middle East. It wouldn’t make sense to administer an exam when certain students might very well already not only have the questions to said exam but also the answers, right?

March SAT Canceled in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco Over Security Matter

As reports Scott Jaschik for “Inside Higher Ed” in a piece, “SAT Called Off in 3 Countries,” “A statement from the College Board said that the test was canceled in those countries and at ‘a few select test centers in other countries’ based on a ‘test security matter.'” ‘The College Board and its test administration and security provider, Education Testing Service (ETS), are committed to insuring that all test takers have the same opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and that the scores we deliver to universities are accurate and valid,’ the statement said.”

This security breach leading to a test cancelation in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco isn’t exactly the first such security breach in the history of SAT administrations. No way. As our regular readers know very well, similar breaches have occurred in countries including South Korea and China. So how will ETS and College Board work to prevent such breaches going forward? In the world of standardized testing, it’s a question of the ages.


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