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Harvard University graduates get the highest GMAT scores, followed by Yale and MIT grads (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

Ever wondered which universities produce the students with the highest GMAT scores? Ok, maybe you didn’t have trouble falling asleep not knowing the answer to this question but the answer may prove interesting nonetheless. Geoff Gloeckler and “Businessweek” have mined the GMAT and MBA admission data and revealed the business school results:

1. Harvard University- 738.0

2. Yale University – 732.0

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 731.7

4. Rice University – 731.3

5. Brandeis University – 729.4

6. Princeton University – 727.7

7. Stanford University – 724.0

8. Brown University – 722.2

9. Williams College – 721.6

10. Carnegie Mellon University – 720.9

11. Duke University – 720.2

12. Dartmouth College – 716.7

13. Wesleyan University – 716.2

14. Amherst College – 714.4

15. Carleton College – 714.2

16. University of Chicago – 712.9

17. Columbia University – 712.2

18. University of Pennsylvania – 712.2

19. Northwestern University – 712.0

20. University of California Berkeley – 711.1

Now does this mean if you’re a high schooler interested in possibly pursuing an MBA in the future that you should attend a college named above because they boast higher GMAT scores among grads? No. That would be ridiculous. But it is interesting that the same universities that tend to have higher SAT scores among applicants also tend to have higher GMAT scores. And it makes good sense.

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