FairTest Calls Out College Board

College Board, FairTest, FairTest Criticizes College Board
Ivy Coach salutes FairTest for calling out College Board on their unsatisfactory security measures (photo credit: GKtramrunner229).

The missive of the the National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest) is “to end the misuses and flaws of standardized testing and to ensure that evaluation of students, teachers and schools is fair, open, valid and educationally beneficial.” It is a lofty missive indeed, one we wholeheartedly support. Just a few days ago, true to the organization’s core mission, FairTest released information that questions the security of the College Board’s SAT Subject Tests — as well as the very integrity of these exams.

FairTest Blows the Whistle on College Board’s Security

As Bob Schaeffer, Public Education Director for FairTest, wrote in an email, “Early Friday evening, May 31, 2019 FairTest received a call apparently from East Asia (number captured by caller ID). The anonymous caller offered us an advance copy of the SAT Biology E/M Subject Test scheduled to be administered on Saturday, June 1 (a couple hours after we received the call even in Asian time zones). We were then emailed a PDF file which certainly looks like a real Biology Exams excerpted from a booklet of SAT Subject Tests (copy with date stamp available on request). The caller contacted us twice more Friday night and spoke with me at some length. He insisted on remaining anonymous but said he had been involved in previous test leaks. I asked how it was possible to access tests in advance, and he said that it was ‘not hard’ to open the mechanical lock boxes the College Board uses to ship tests.”

A Salute to FairTest

Ivy Coach salutes FairTest for shining a lantern on College Board’s security failures, including in East Asia. How is it that this Biology E/M Subject Test was administered in light of the fact that the test was leaked in advance? Why are these kind of leaks so commonplace and what does this say about the integrity of other SAT Subject Tests…as well as the SAT? Perhaps instead of focusing its energies on creating a gimmick “Adversity Score” that serves only the interest of College Board, the organization would do well to focus its efforts on improving the security of its testing since these security failures are jeopardizing the very integrity of their product. Thank you to FairTest for speaking truth to power. We salute you!


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  • elizabeth says:

    CollegeBoard needs to stay and hone its security in the testing business and stay out of social engineering.

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