Consideration of SAT and ACT Scores in UC Admissions Process

UC Schools and SAT, UC Schools and ACT, SAT and ACT in Admissions
The UC schools are under attack for their consideration of SAT and ACT scores in the admissions process (photo credit: Alton).

The battle over the consideration of SAT or ACT scores in the University of California admissions process is brewing. A few weeks back, we reported on a letter that was sent by certain groups, including the Compton Unified School District, College Access Plan, College Seekers, Community Coalition, the Dolores Huerta Foundation, and Little Manila Rising to the Regents of the University of California that called for the discontinuation of the consideration of these exams in the admissions process. In their letter, these groups argued, “Its continued use of the SAT and ACT — descendants of discriminatory IQ tests that pose unlawful barriers to underrepresented students — is fundamentally at odds with its obligation to provide access to all qualified students.” So what’s happened since?

Groups Prepare Suit Against UC Schools for Consideration of SAT and ACT in Admissions

Well, through a spokesperson, the office of University of California President Janet Napolitano had no comment on the letter. Surprise, surprise! And so, as the groups threatened and because the UC schools have not yet dropped the consideration of the SAT / ACT from the admissions process, a lawsuit is expected to be filed. Heck, the advocacy groups have already attracted so much publicity over the matter, they have no choice now but to file a suit — as, of course, they likely always intended.

As Marco della Cava reports for USA Today in a piece entitled “The University of California system could change the future of SAT, ACT testing for college admissions. Here’s how,” “In the coming weeks, a coalition of advocacy groups is expected to file a lawsuit against the University of California, demanding that its nine undergraduate campuses stop requiring applicants to submit results from the SAT or ACT. The long-standing aptitude tests, the group contends, are inherently biased against the poor. ‘These tests are incredibly sensitive to socioeconomic status and race, and have nothing to say about the individual,’ says Alisa Hartz, an attorney with Los Angeles-based pro bono firm Public Counsel, which plans to file the suit on behalf of groups that work in low-income neighborhoods.”

So will the University of California drop the SAT / ACT requirement? Will the UC system go test-optional? Will College Board and ACT lose one of its very best customers? Only time will tell but we’ll be sure to keep our readers posted on the progress of this pending litigation.


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