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Richard Vos, former VP of admission and financial aid at Claremont McKenna, manipulated admissions data.

There is new information to report on the Claremont McKenna admission scandal that we first reported on at the end of January of this year. An internal probe has determined that Richard Vos, the former vice president for admission and financial aid, acted alone in, as “The LA Times” puts it, “exaggerating freshmen SAT scores and other admissions statistics which boosted the school’s national rankings.” The internal investigation was conducted by the law firm of O’Melveny & Myers.

Interestingly, the probe determined that not a single student record was adjusted by Vos over the years in which he was reporting incorrect admissions statistics. Rather, Vos did his data manipulation with a pencil and paper by fudging the numbers to achieve desired admissions statistics. And what was his motive? Vos contends that his actions were in response to quite a bit of pressure placed on him by Claremont McKenna’s president, Pamela Gann. The firm determined that the president, however, had no direct knowledge of the false reporting and did not instruct Vos to commit this violation of ethics.

According to “The LA Times” article on the Claremont McKenna admissions scandal, “In a statement released Tuesday, Harry McMahon, Claremont McKenna’s board of trustees chairman, said he deeply regretted the episode and that the school is taking steps to prevent any repetition. ‘Throughout its history, the College has been defined by its core values of honesty and responsible leadership. While these events do not reflect our values, our response does. Our President and her staff have addressed this matter promptly, thoroughly and with complete integrity,’ he said.”

What do you think about Vos’ actions? How do you think “US News & World Report” should penalize Claremont McKenna? Should CMC be left out of the rankings altogether? Let us know your thoughts on the Claremont McKenna admission scandal by posting below!


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