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In light of the Claremont McKenna admission stats scandal, “US News & World Report,” the publisher of the most important college rankings, has released a statement, as reported by Bob Morse. Writes Morse in his column on Claremont McKenna, “Regarding Claremont McKenna’s current rank, No. 9, as published in the 2012 Best Colleges rankings, U.S. News & World Report Editor and Chief Content Officer Brian Kelly said, ‘Our calculation shows that based on the data now being reported by Claremont McKenna as correct, Claremont McKenna College’s ranking will not change.'”

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“US News & World Report” will not be changing Claremont McKenna’s #9 rank in this year’s “National Liberal Arts Colleges” ranking. What about the rankings for past years of misreported data? That answer is still unclear.

So after all of that — after the vice president of admissions and financial aid violated the ethics of his post and discredited the school’s reputation, their ranking, as we understand it, would be no different than had he reported the true admission stats. “US News & World Report” has made a decision not to change Claremont McKenna’s rank of #9 in the category of “National Liberal Arts Colleges.”

It is our understanding that the rank wouldn’t change because the difference between the true and false data wasn’t significant enough to warrant a drop in rank, but it could be that “US News & World Report” has just decided “on an individual basis” not to change the school’s rank. From Mr. Morse’s article, we’re just not sure without doing the calculations ourselves.

Do you think Claremont McKenna should have been disqualified from the rankings? When it was discovered that the University of Michigan made recruiting violations with the Fab Five, they had to vacate Final Four appearances. Does that change your opinion on Claremont McKenna and the “US News & World Report” rankings?


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