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There will likely be changes to the MCAT beginning in 2015 (photo credit: Namkota).

There will likely be changes to the MCAT beginning in 2015 and these changes are relatively major. Gone will be the writing sample. A social science section will be added to the exam. And the verbal reasoning section will be overhauled. These changes, made in November, will soon be up for a vote of the Board of Directors of the Association of American Medical Colleges and, if approved, the changes will take effect in 2015.

According to “The State News” article on changes to the MCAT, “The current recommendations will add 115 minutes to the exam time, which typically takes about five and a half hours. ‘Medical science has changed quite dramatically (since 1991),’ he said. ‘We’ve seen significant developments in biochemistry and molecular biology…and the way in which those upper-level sciences are impacting medical practice.’ A concern with these new changes is whether or not schools will be able to adjust their curriculum in time to prepare students for the new version of the exam.”

Do you think the changes to the MCAT will help make the exam a better predictor of medical school success? Do you think the exam is a bad predictor of what makes a good doctor? Let us know your thoughts on the MCAT by posting below!


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