Caltech Eliminates SAT Subject Test Requirement

Beginning next year, Caltech will no longer require that applicants submit SAT Subject Test scores (photo credit:

The California Institute of Technology will no longer require applicants to submit SAT Subject Test scores in the admissions process. The change was announced this week by Caltech’s Undergraduate Admissions Office. Previously, Caltech required applicants to submit a Math 2 SAT Subject Test score in addition to a score on the SAT Subject Test in Physics, Chemistry, Ecological Biology, or Molecular Biology. The change takes effect for students applying to Caltech next year — for the Class of 2025.

Caltech Previously Required the Submission of 2 SAT Subject Tests

As Caltech announces on its site with respect to the admissions policy change, “‘In reviewing our admissions requirements, we have come to the conclusion that the requirement for submission of SAT subject test scores creates an unnecessary barrier to applying for a Caltech education,’ says Nikki Chun, director of undergraduate admissions, noting that only a small percentage of high schoolers globally take the SAT subject tests. ‘We are guiding our focus back to long-term academic STEM preparedness based on coursework and grade performance.’ Chun notes that the Caltech admissions process has always focused, and will continue to focus, on seeking students who will approach the Institute’s core curriculum with as much enthusiasm and interest as they do classes in their specific major.”

When Schools Drop Testing Requirements, We Still Encourage the Submission of Tests

But our regular readers don’t simply accept what admissions officers say at face value. No, no they don’t. When applying to a highly selective university like the California Institute of Technology, who cares what admissions officers require? The task is not to just submit that which is required. Rather, it is to wow admissions officers. So we encourage applicants to Caltech to continue to submit their great SAT Subject Test scores to the university. It’s not as though Caltech is going to ding a student’s candidacy because they submit outstanding SAT Subject Test scores — quite the contrary!


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