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Not many students score perfectly on the AP BC Calculus test (these students didn’t just get 5’s — they got every question right).

There was a segment on “CBS This Morning” about two teenagers who didn’t miss a question on last year’s AP BC Calculus exam.  Now keep in mind that there are plenty of students who score a 5/5 on the BC Calculus AP test, but these students not only scored 5’s — they got every question right, a most outstanding mathematical feat. In fact, as CBS reports, “Of the 302,532 students around the world who took the Advanced Placement calculus test last year, Landon Labuskes and Cedrick Argueta were two of only 12 who achieved a perfect score.”

Apparently a parent of one of these students was surprised not that her son did so well on the exam but that he didn’t make a silly error. It’s hard not to make at least one silly error on a test like this. As the CBS piece mentions, even math professors make silly mistakes. “‘The professors don’t think this could happen. It is why it is so remarkable when a high school student who doesn’t have a college degree, let alone a Ph.D. in that subject area, is able to take an AP exam and not miss a single point,’ said Trevor Packer, who leads College Board’s Advanced Placement program.”

The perfect scores even inspired a Tweet from President Obama. Pretty cool if you ask us. Congratulations to these two students for their perfect scores last year on the BC Calculus AP test! We know someone who didn’t exactly score perfectly on this same test many years ago. And, if you’re wondering, we have no idea why the perfect scores of these students from last year is making the news rounds now. But we’ll roll with it.


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