ACT to Score Exams Faster and Report Superscores

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The vast majority of America’s highly selective colleges have already been superscoring the ACT for years (photo credit: Namkota).

Yesterday, we wrote about the most high profile of the changes coming to the ACT. These newly announced changes will take effect in September 2020 — unless of course the proposed changes are reversed. And, yes, changes can be reversed…just ask College Board about their SAT Adversity Score! But we do anticipate that ACT’s changes will ultimately take effect, that public criticism of the changes will not lead ACT to change course. And why? Because ACT’s proposed changes aren’t bad. We like students not having to take the entire ACT over again just in the hope of boosting their subscore on one particular section or two particular sections. We think that will lead to a lot less stress for ACT test-takers. But, no, we didn’t buy ACT’s motivation to make this change for a second. We firmly believe these changes mark the latest, desperate attempt by one of the two leading American college entrance test-makers to gain marketshare.

ACT Announces Two Other, Less High Profile Changes

But let’s save ACT’s motivations for these changes for another day. Instead, let’s focus today on two less high profile changes that were announced by ACT this week. As reports ACT in their “Counselor Newsletter,” “Students will be able to choose to take the ACT online at a test center on national ACT test dates and get their multiple-choice test results as early as two business days after taking the test.” Additionally, ACT has announced, “To support the growing trend of students taking the ACT test multiple times, score reports will now include a calculated ACT Superscore, along with an ACT Composite score.”

We Support These Two Changes by ACT

Yes, ACT loves to create policies to encourage students to take the test multiple times. Oh there we go again, writing about ACT’s financial incentives…we just can’t help ourselves! It’s too easy. But beyond their likely motivation, we support both of these changes. We are all for students learning of their scores faster. And we are all for ACT reporting the Superscore. It’s not like colleges haven’t been calculating the Superscore anyway for many years! So these changes are ok by us…we back them! And, yes, ACT likely just breathed a big sigh of relief that we didn’t come out on the attack against their proposed changes. Until next time, ACT. Until next time.


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