A Salute to Bowdoin College

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We salute Bowdoin College for their beautiful gesture (photo credit: Polar Bear 11).

Ivy Coach salutes Bowdoin College, one of America’s most prestigious liberal arts colleges, for covering the full tuition of Justin Ramos, a sophomore at the school in Maine. Justin’s father, Rafael Ramos, was one of the two NYPD officers assassinated this past Saturday while sitting in his NYPD squad car alongside his partner. While the New York Yankees had offered to fully cover Justin’s education going forward through their New York Yankees Silver Shield Foundation, Bowdoin College wanted to foot the cost of his education on its own, without any assistance.

Said Bowdoin spokesman Scott Hood, as reported in an article about Bowdoin footing the tuition in “The Daily Caller,” “Justin’s circumstances have obviously changed, so the college will make sure he is able to continue his education here when he is ready to return. We appreciate the offer from the Yankees’ organization, but we have it covered.”

This is a really nice gesture from Bowdoin. They wouldn’t let the Yankees cover the cost of the tuition of their own student. They wanted to cover it all on their own. We salute Bowdoin College for this beautiful deed after this act of extreme cowardice committed against two of New York City’s finest. Our hearts are out to Justin, his family, and the Liu family as well.


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