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January 28, 2017

Harvard and NYU Letters

Harvard Letter, NYU Letter, Harvard and NYU Letter to Kushner
Classmates of Jared Kushner’s from his days at the NYU School of Law have penned an open letter to the real estate scion and senior advisor to President Trump (photo credit: NYU School of Law).

We’ve written before about Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of President Trump who is now one of his senior, most trusted advisors. He was, by all accounts, a Harvard development case. For those not familiar with the term “development case,” be sure to check out our piece on the real estate scion. In addition to attending Harvard as an undergraduate, Mr. Kushner attended New York University for his law school studies. And now that Mr. Kushner has the ear of the leader of America, his former classmates from both Harvard and NYU wished to share a few words with him.

The letter from Harvard alumni, signed by thousands, urges Mr. Kushner to use his position for the greater good: “Harvard’s motto is simple. It is just a single word: Veritas. Truth. It is the guiding value of your alma mater; let it be a value in the Administration as well.” And the letter invokes his grandparents: “We ask that you remember your grandparents, refugees from Nazi Germany, when the Administration shuts our nation’s borders to the millions around the world who are fleeing conflict. They are counting on you.”

The open letter from NYU School of Law alumni, signed by some of his law school classmates, also begins with a reference to his grandparents: “We, your classmates from NYU School of Law’s Class of 2007, have serious concerns regarding Mr. Trump’s stated priorities and policy proposals. We have never known you to be anything less than intelligent and thoughtful. You have donated incredibly generously to the Law School that nurtured and educated us all. We appeal to you, the grandchild of Holocaust survivors, to use your deep sense of compassion to influence the Trump Administration in a positive way.” Powerful indeed. To date, this letter has received no response.

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