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In spite of another scandal at Duke, admissions statistics at the university do not seem to be impacted.

It’s interesting to note that after another scandal at Duke University this past year, admissions statistics again did not seem to be impacted one bit. What scandal are we referring to at Duke University? We realize it can be difficult to keep track of all of the brouhaha in Durham, North Carolina. From the infamous lacrosse rape case in which three Duke University lacrosse players were wrongly accused of rape to the the cheating ring on a take-home exam by 34 Duke students at the Fuqua School of Business that resulted in numerous suspensions and expulsions, to last year’s thesis on that which shall not be mentioned by Duke University senior Karen Owen, scandals have plagued the university for much of this past decade.

But according to Duke University, “Out of a record 29,689 applications this year — an 11 percent increase over last year and a 46 percent increase over just three years ago — 3,094 students will receive a notice of acceptance today inviting them to become members of the Class of 2015. These students have until May 1 to make their final decision. Duke’s admission rate for Regular Decision applicants was 10.8 percent.” While the scandals may not deter applicants at all, we’d be interested to see a study on whether or not people think of these scandals when they think of Duke University. We suspect they do.

Check out the Duke press release here.

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