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Viewing ACT scores online is easy. We’ve listed the dates when they’ll be available based on your testing date.

Want to know how and when you can begin viewing ACT scores online? If you took the ACT on October 22nd, you can check out your multiple-choice scores beginning in just a couple of days – on November 8th. If you took the ACT Plus Writing, your writing scores, according to the ACT website, should be posted approximately two weeks after your multiple-choice scores are first posted. But know that there is no way to speed up the scoring of your exams…there’s just a way to see your scores on the Internet.

If you took the exam on September 10th, multiple-choice scores are available beginning on September 26th. If you take the ACT on December 10th, you can check out your multiple-choice results beginning on December 27th. If on February 11th, find them on February 27th. April 14th scores will be available on April 30th and June 9th scores will be available on June 25th. Isn’t all of this exciting? Maybe not. But we try to inform. Even if it’s not always all that interesting. Sorry!

And if you’re wondering where you can check your scores, here’s the link to the ACT Scores Website. While you’re here, check out our newsletter on SAT and ACT Scores and have a look at this post on the ACT Exam. We promise this information will be more exciting than this post on dates. Hey, it’s important to know dates! Don’t you want to know what your scores are as soon as you can? We thought so!


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