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“Reuters” finds itself at the center of a major SAT breach in security.

There has been a significant breach in the security of upcoming SAT exams. And while this certainly doesn’t mark the first breach in SAT security nor even the first breach this year, it may very well mark the biggest breach in security in the history of college admissions testing. After College Board administered the March SAT, a person with access to the questions that were to appear on upcoming SAT exams released many of these questions, including 21 reading passages that each contained about twelve questions as well as approximately 160 math questions, to “Reuters.” Yes, “Reuters” the news service.

As reported in an investigative piece about the security breach to the SAT by Renee Dudley for “Reuters,” “Reuters doesn’t know how widely the items have circulated. The news agency has no evidence that the material has fallen into the hands of what the College Board calls ‘bad actors’ – groups that the organization says ‘will lie, cheat and steal for personal gain.’ But independent testing specialists briefed on the matter said the breach represents one of the most serious security lapses that’s come to light in the history of college-admissions testing.”

“Reuters” immediately received notification from College Board’s legal team that if they were to publish any of the questions, it would irreparably harm both the future administrations of the SAT and the College Board’s standing. During a year in which College Board has overhauled the SAT to try to take back marketshare from ACT, this is not the kind of news they had hoped for.


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