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There will be no summer SAT at Amherst College. The College Board has canceled the unfair test. And, no, there’s not actually snow on the ground during the summer at Amherst.

The summer SAT that The College Board intended to offer to a select group of students at an Amherst College summer program has now officially been canceled. Citing concerns that such an SAT administration would not support equity in education, they eliminated it. We think they couldn’t take another day of such negative press! It would have been the first time in decades that a summer SAT was offered but to offer it to only a select group of students who could afford a $4,500 program was just plain wrong. It’s an advantage to take the SAT over the summer. Students aren’t busy with studying for exams. They’re not busy with schoolwork. And the fact that The College Board was planning on reporting to colleges that the August 3rd test-takers completed a June administration of the exam was highly unethical.

According to “USA Today,” “Tuesday, the College Board sent a letter to Barbara Swicord, president of the group’s Summer Institute for the Gifted, saying it cannot proceed with the program because it ‘does not serve our organization’s mission of expanding access and equity in education,’ and ‘certain aspects of the (summer program) run counter to our mission as well as our beliefs about SAT preparation and performance.'” We’d say so, too!

The least The College Board could have done was cancel this SAT administration. But does their PR nightmare end now? Has The College Board been tarnished? And, while we’ve asked it before — we’ll ask it again, what were they thinking? An SAT for the rich? An SAT for the gifted and talented? Who is making decisions at The College Board? It sounds like a resignation is in order.


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