Shame on ACT

Shame on the ACT, ACT Exams Missing, Missing ACT Tests

Don’t worry, nobody we know is missing. But ACT exams in Maryland sure are. Yikes.

Taking the ACT and SAT — and waiting for scores to come back — can be stressful enough. There is so much riding on the results of these exams. High school students are often stressed out to begin with and these tests aren’t exactly a day on a Hawaiian beach. That sounds nice. We want to go to there. But anyhow, back from our daydream, ACT hasn’t exactly helped alleviate this stress of late. In fact, ACT has only added to this stress level for dozens of students. And it all has to do with a damaged package. Have we piqued your curiosity? We hope so. It is our mandate to keep things interesting on this college admissions blog. After all, we have to write about college admissions every day of the week. It’s an undertaking.

Anyhow, dozens of students who were expecting the results of their latest ACT exams didn’t exactly receive those results recently. As Christie Ileto of the “CBS” affiliate in Baltimore reports on the missing ACT exams, ” “College admissions exams – lost in the mail. A major mistake costs dozens of Maryland high school students their test results…Students were notified this week. Now the ACT is working to uncover how almost 100 answer sheets disappeared. Instead of ACT scores, dozens of students got a notice in their inbox. ‘Hey. We’re really sorry, but we somehow misplaced your son’s scores,’ said Cary Leddy. The ACT tells WJZ a damaged package forced 88 of 296 answer sheets to get lost in the mail. Testing was at Southern High School, but students from any area school could have tested there, including Cary Leddy’s son from St. Mary’s High. ‘All this time and effort and anxiety, money spent in tutoring and buying products to better the test, you know? And for what?’ said Leddy. The news goes viral, with one parent calling ACT’s apology unacceptable.”

We have a feeling that ACT didn’t start that apology email with “hey.” Who does that? But we don’t doubt for a second that ACT seemed a bit (ok, more than a bit!) cavalier about the lost tests. These students should have been personally called. And ACT is offering to refund the fees for the tests and reschedule the tests for another date? Big whoop! That goes without saying. But now these students will have to submit their scores late to colleges. They prepped for this test on this particular test day. Now they have to prep all over again. What ACT needs to do is schedule a special test date just for these students with expedience. This is how ACT can work toward making things right for them.

Shame, shame, shame on ACT for their cavalier attitude and — well, let’s just tell it like it is as we always do — their super lame response.


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  • Lisa says:

    The ACT board did it again and lost 200 plus answer booklets. My son was one of those students. Is there any reasonable recourse? Open to suggestions.

  • Fiolina says:

    The ACT administration needs to be looked into 10 weeks and no scores because student scores were used in a study that is taking longer that expected. TOTALLY Unacceptable. June 9 test scores not yet released and it is August 17th. What a disadvantage for children wanting to use these scores for early scholarship applications, early decision & action. For an educational institution they should have planned accordingly to honor their commitment to their customers to have scores back in 8 weeks. Who is in charge of testing and these studies ???? Can they compensate the students and parents for any missed scholarship opportunities because they did not have scores back in a timely manner.. SHAME ON YOU ACT. Is you study worth more than the students and families you have inconvenienced ?? Can you not continue the studies after scores are released ??? What is the correlation between analyzing data and score release ???

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