Shame on College Board

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Shame on College Board for not having their act together! It’s unfair to students and it makes the already stressful admissions process even more stressful.

Shame on College Board! For a multi-billion dollar company that nickels and dimes students for everything, you’d think that College Board would have their act together in terms of notifying students of their scores. Today, October 28th, was the day that the October 11th SAT / Subject Test scores were supposed to be available. But this was not the case for a few of our international students…

And why? College Board’s answer is that the tests are not all scored yet but they expect them to be scored by next week. But herein lies the predicament: with November 1st as the Early Decision / Early Action deadline, students who don’t get their October scores by Saturday won’t know if they should include the October test date on their applications. Obviously if they could see their scores, they could easily make this determination.

And let’s raise the issue of College Board nickel and diming students and parents. When we called College Board today to see if we could get these scores by phone, we first had to pay $15 for this privilege…only to be told that they were not yet available.

Want to see how College Board nickels and dimes students? Here are just a few of their fees…

SAT – $52.50 (that extra 50 cents must go a long way!)

Subject Test Registration – $26

Language with Listening Test – $26

All Other Subject Tests – $16 per test

International Process Fees – Anywhere from $33 to $42 depending on the country

Register by phone – $15

Test center change fee – $28

Late registration fee – $28

Waitlist fee – $46

Score reports – $11.25 each

Rush reporting – $31

Scores by phone – $15 per call

Archived scores – $31

SAT Q & A Service – $18

SAT Student Answer Service – $13.50

Multiple-choice score verification – $55

Essay score verification – $55

AP Exams – $91 per exam for students in the U.S.

AP Exams – $121 per exam for schools outside the U.S.

Enough is enough, College Board! Get your act together and the nickel and diming is a bad business practice.


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