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State legislators are beefing up security at SAT tests. It’s about time!

SAT tests will have amped up security in the future, following the SAT cheating scandal in Great Neck, New York that led to the arrests of seven current and former Great Neck North High School students. Great Neck North, of note, is typically ranked near the top of the public high school rankings in the nation and regularly achieves multiple Intel Science Talent Search semi-finalists – a most prestigious accomplishment.

Bernie Kaplan, a nationally respected educator and the principal of Great Neck North High School, said ETS’ security measures during SAT testing just don’t suffice. According to Kaplan as reported by “Newsday,” “‘Make up a school, put any name you like and your picture on the card, sign that name and pick a mascot for good luck,’ said Kaplan, who noted the scheme did not involve SAT tests given at Great Neck district schools. ‘In fact, if you want to cover yourself, you don’t even have to go to the site you requested…You can go as a walk-in to any site that you desire using that made-up ID.'” He’s absolutely right.

State legislators are currently working on crafting new regulations that will make students considering cheating seriously reconsider. Do they really think they’ll get away with it? Is it really worth compromising your integrity? Not to mention your chances for college admission! Simply put, don’t cheat. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life.


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