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The SAT will be redesigned in the months ahead.

We’ve got more information to report on the forthcoming SAT redesign. Apparently, the SAT redesign will, according to “The Washington Post,” be “an ambition effort” aimed “to better meet the needs of students and schools.” Within the last decade, the writing section was added to the SAT and the formatting of a number of questions was changed. And now, here comes another revamp from The College Board, owners of the SAT exam. So what exactly do we know about the redesign? Well, in an email to members of The College Board, the following was stated, as quoted by “The Washington Post”:

“In the months ahead, the College Board will begin an effort in collaboration with its membership to redesign the SAT® so that it better meets the needs of students, schools, and colleges at all levels. We will develop an assessment that mirrors the work that students will do in college so that they will practice the work they need to do to complete college. An improved SAT will strongly focus on the core knowledge and skills that evidence shows are most important to prepare students for the rigors of college and career. This is an ambitious endeavor, and one that will only succeed with the leadership of our Board of Trustees, the strong coordination of our councils and committees, and the full engagement of our membership.”

The goal with the SAT redesign is to increase the value of the exam to high school students, higher education professionals (i.e. college admissions officers, professors), and K-12 educators. What do you think about what The College Board is saying? What changes do you foresee for the SAT? Let us know your thoughts by posting below! Lastly, Ivy Coach offers fantastic SAT tutoring. Fill out a consult form to inquire more about our tutoring services.


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