College admissions counselors have no preference for the SAT over the ACT. That’s a common misconception.

Many students debate whether or not they should take the SAT or the ACT. Some students decide to take both. Some students prepare for both only to realize during the SAT / ACT prep process that they’re much stronger at one test as compared to the other. Most students aren’t equally as good at the SAT and the ACT. Usually, a student is better at one. But what we find amusing is that many high school students (and their parents) believe that colleges have a preference for the SAT. That is absolutely, positively incorrect.

College admissions counselors at highly selective colleges — like the Ivy League colleges — don’t care if you took the SAT or ACT. Do they care how you did on the test you took? Absolutely! But they don’t care if you were an ACT or an SAT test-taker. SAT test-takers in no way have any advantage over their ACT counterparts. That’s a common misconception that really needs to be debunked. Over the years, we thought folks would realize this was wrong, but it seems the misconception persists today.

If you do well on the ACT in your prep, then take the ACT! If you do better on the SAT, take the SAT. There’s an easy scale where you can compare your scores so you know what the SAT or ACT equivalent is. If you did really poorly on an administration of the SAT, consider prepping for the ACT and vice versa. College admissions counselors just don’t care what exam you take. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do well on the exam you do end up taking!


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