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The College Board is being very deceptive with colleges by reporting an August administration of the SAT as a June administration. It’s flat out not right (photo credit: chensiyuan).

We recently wrote about how The College Board will (unfairly) be offering an SAT administration to students enrolled at a $4,500 summer program at Amherst College. They’ve been getting quite a lot of flack for it. And if they think it’s over, it isn’t. We plan to write much more about The College Board’s egregious mistake to offer an SAT only to those who can afford to go to Amherst’s summer program. And we’re sure plenty of other folks do, too. But we just wanted to point out one small thing first. Only it’s not so small.

Did you know that when students who take the SAT at Amherst College report their SAT scores to the colleges to which they apply, it will not be listed as an August exam administration? It will instead be listed as a June exam administration! Colleges won’t even know that these students had a distinct advantage in getting to take the SAT at a time when they’re not pressured by mounting schoolwork and other exams. It’s a flat out lie by The College Board to report to colleges that these students took the exam in June. August is not June!

How do you feel about The College Board deceiving colleges? With all of the students who have recently been implicated in an SAT cheating scandal, you’d think The College Board would strive to be honest — to set themselves apart from the students who break their rules. Guess not! Talk about a PR mess for the organization behind the SAT! What a major blunder! This calls for a major apology and the elimination of the August administration strictly for the students at the expensive Amherst summer program. Shame on The College Board.


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