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The Emory student who impersonated high schoolers to take the SAT and ACT for them has been punished by the courts. His punishment? Pro bono SAT and ACT tutoring. Oy vey.

Did you happen to check out the “60 Minutes” piece on Sam Eshaghoff, the Emory University student who made a business out of scamming the system by taking SATs and ACTs for high school students? If not, check out part of the segment on the SAT cheat here. It’s quite an interesting piece. At one point, Eshaghoff states that by taking the SAT and ACT for high school students, he was in effect saving their lives. How so? Well, he claims that their new scores gave them “a new lease on life,” could get them into better colleges, and ultimately help them secure better jobs.

Eshaghoff also insists that his business was a sound one in that he delivered each and every time for his students. He took great pride in securing them terrific scores well worth his $2,500 fee. His students came away happy regardless of the legality of taking exams for students. Does that mean that he doesn’t regret his unethical decisions that led him to impersonate high school students? He says he does. He says he regrets the shame it brought to his family. But in that same breath, he insists it was a good business!

So what do you think his punishment will be? Jail time? Nope. Garbage pickup on the side of the highway? Not quite. He’s going to be tutoring underprivileged students for free as they prepare for the SAT and ACT. How appropriate! Why not surround our students with a highly unethical individual? Maybe his values will rub off on them, too? Or did the judge not think of that? Let us know your thoughts by posting below!


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