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March 14, 2024

SAT Question-and-Answer Service: Then and Now

Previously Published on January 3, 2019:

For several years, The College Board, the maker of the SAT, offered a tremendously valuable Question-and-Answer Service for certain administrations of the exam — specifically for test-takers in North America. Through The College Board’s Q&A Service, test-takers could see all the original questions on the test they took, the questions they got wrong, the correct answers, and a comprehensive report listing the question type and difficulty level for each test question. But, with the new digital SAT, which debuted in March 2024, what’s the status of the Q&A Service?

The New Digital SAT Does Not Offer a Q&A Service

The SAT Q&A Service, at least for now, is no more. With the new digital SAT, students are only given vague information about their performance in various content areas such as “Expression of Ideas” and “Advanced Math.” The unpredictability of the test, combined with a lack of quality study material, means that it is all the more important for students to study for this test over the long term and take it multiple times. It’s why students often start prepping for the SAT with Ivy Coach’s tutor, Dr. Fran Bigman, during sophomore year.

Ivy Coach Urges College Board to Reinstate the Q&A Service

Examining the intensive analysis of a student’s results proved to be a useful tool for improving one’s SAT score. The Q&A Service’s downloadable PDF file, “Scoring Guide,” was especially beneficial to students as they hoped to determine how various errors impacted their scores.

It’s why, from atop Ivy Coach’s soapbox in college admissions, we urge The College Board to reinstate the Q&A Service in the coming months. The organization should not do away with such a great resource. Heck, it was even a money-maker for the organization! Bring it back!

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