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College Board will be adding an August administration of the SAT beginning in 2017.

We have new SAT test dates to announce. There will be an August administration of the SAT and SAT Subject Tests beginning in August of 2017. That’s right. August. This is great news for students. When school’s out for summer, it’s such a great time to prep for the SAT or SAT Subject Tests. There are fewer distractions with no homework or school exams. It’s been a long time coming. And ACT has a September administration of their exam so it seems natural that College Board would offer an August test date. We happen to think it’s a terrific move.

But in announcing that there will be an August administration of the SAT beginning in 2017, College Board also announced it would discontinue the January administration of the test. We’re very sorry to hear that the January exam will be eliminated. The January exam has always been a senior’s last chance to get a great score, and it’s a perfect time for juniors to take their first SAT — especially because they’ve finished midterms or finals.

We thank College Board for adding the August exam to the test docket, but we kindly ask the company to rethink keeping the January exam as it would be to the benefit of juniors and seniors alike. Why not just offer the test in both August and January? This way, everybody will be happy. Come on, College Board! You can do it! And, for our readers, here is the next batch of anticipated 2016-2017 SAT administration dates: October 1, 2016, November 6, 2016, December 3, 2016, January 28, 2017, March 11, 2017, May 6, 2017, June 3 2017. SAT Subject Tests will be offered on all of these dates as well, with the exception of March 11, 2017.

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