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30 SAT exams from Staten Island have gone missing. Imagine having to take the SAT again because your answer sheet went missing.

Staten Island was one of the worst hit areas by Hurricane Sandy. Many folks lost their homes. Some lost loved ones. The borough is still trying to recover from its devastation. And not that the SAT matters when it comes to people losing homes and not having electricity, but can you imagine taking the SAT, studying really hard, thinking you did really well, only for your test to be lost? Such is the case for 30 students from Staten Island. Just imagine! How upset would you be if you were that teenager or that teenager’s parents? Missing SAT exams are not acceptable and ETS (which administers exams for The College Board) should be held responsible.

According to “The New York Post,” “Dozens of high school students who sat for the grueling SAT exam on Staten Island in October were crushed to learn this week that their answer sheets had been lost…To add insult to injury, the College Board told some of the 30 students whose answers disappeared — including many from St. Joseph by the Sea in Annadale — that they can’t get priority seating at tomorrow’s administration of the exam because it’s already booked, parents said.” They can’t even get priority seating? Are they serious?

Apparently, 770 students sat for the SAT on October 6th but only 740 answer sheets showed up for scanning. And now they’ll either have to sit for a makeup test (because they can’t get seating at the next scheduled exam administration) or get a refund. Gee, thanks ETS — thanks for the refund for the grueling hard work put in by these thirty students. ETS and The College Board need a new spinster. Their PR is a total mess. Remember when they offered SAT exams to an exclusive group of privileged students? Sometimes, they just don’t think about what’s right.


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