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Does anybody remember this television show? We do.

It must be a slow news day for “The Los Angeles Times.” You’d think the reputable publication would be reporting on the low-60’s weather on the West Side (sounds frigid?) or on the Clippers’ failed recent attempt to beat the defending champion Warriors. Or maybe on Hillary Clinton’s fundraising trip this week to LA. Well, maybe they are writing about these things, too. But, nonetheless, the paper did devote some space to a hot-off-the-presses story about how students at nearby Laguna Beach High School scored above average on college admissions tests for the 2014-2015 academic year.

In this gripping piece by Bryce Alderton entitled “Laguna students score above average on college admissions tests,” it’s reported that Laguna High School students exceeded both state and national averages on both the SAT and ACT tests for the year. As Alderton writes in heart-stopping detail, “Laguna students averaged 26.7 on the ACT and 1734 on the SAT. There were 137 students who took the ACT, while 74 took the SAT. For 2014-15, the average national ACT score was 21 while the state average was 22.5. The average national SAT score was 1,490 and the state average was 1,492. Students’ scores eclipsed school averages for the 2013-14 year. Laguna’s average SAT score was 1,673.”

But wait. There’s more. We know. We sounds like an informercial on “QVC.” Hi Lori Greiner! The principal of Laguna Beach High wanted to weigh in on the results for the piece in “The LA Times.” Here’s what he had to say: “‘As they gain knowledge in the college admissions process, they are becoming more savvy and selective about which tests to take,” Laguna Beach High Principal Chris Herzfeld said in a statement. ‘Their concentrated effort is showing strong results, and while we are proud of their scores, it’s really the depth of knowledge the scores represent that is important. Scores should be a reflection of learning, and not the target.'” This is remarkably revelatory. As is this bizarre piece of PR. We mean journalism. Freudian slip.

Perhaps we shall read tomorrow about an overflowing bathroom stall in the American Airlines terminal at LAX. We can barely wait.


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